Business Legal Services

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a small family owned business, or a larger business, it is important to have an experienced and passionate attorney on your side.  Our law firm offers a variety of services to help you start and grow your business.  When you can't have a full time attorney on staff, we can provide services to meet or supplement your legal needs.

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Staying compliant with current business and healthcare regulations is an important part of any business.  We can develop a corporate compliance program for your company and can help monitor your program.  Additionally, we can do internal investigations and audits should compliance be a concern so that you can address any issues prior to governmental intervention.  Furthermore, we can represent your company if needed when there is a governmental investigation.

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Medical Legal Consulting

We specialize in pre-trial/pre-litigation medical consulting with attorneys.  As an experienced physical therapist, Dr. Harris can teach you what you need to know to get to the heart of an issue, ask relevant questions, and be more persuasive in every aspect of your case.  Dr. Harris has unique experience in performing and understanding FCEs and performing and understanding a job analysis.  From personalized support for daily challenges you confront to valuable strategic advice and oversight for critical initiatives, we offer a unique perspective to any personal injury case.

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Since 1993

An Attorney with a Unique Perspective

Dr. Harris has over 20 years of experience as a Physical Therapist working primarily in the areas of orthopedics, sports medicine, workers compensation and industrial rehab.  In addition to treating persons injured at home, work, or play,  Dr. Harris consults with companies to reduce workers comp claims, costs and injuries.  Dr. Harris is knowledgable  and experienced in performing functional capacity evaluations, job analysis and ergonomic assessments.

Dr. Harris has over 20 years of experience in healthcare and is an experienced business leader and community leader.  His unique experience as a business owner, business consultant, physical therapist, and attorney give him a unique perspective in advising and counseling business owners as they start and grow their business.



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